PRONAR T185 Hook Lift trailer, Containeranhänger Hakenliftanhänger, 2018!

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Naslov : PRONAR T185 Hook Lift trailer, Containeranhänger Hakenliftanhänger, 2018!
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New trailer with warranty!
Container not included!

Universal trailer PRONAR T185, which can be used in agriculture, construction and waste management for the whole year! Perfect solution for the companies and communes that are looking for universal and durable equipment for various tasks related to the maintenance and semi-road works. Trailer PRONAR T185 is designed to handle the agricultural, construction and utilities containers as well as transport platforms. High comfort of work provides a mechanism of loading equipped with a hydraulic lock on the suspensions for loading and unloading of the container. The design of the trailer allows you to connect and disconnect the containers and their unloading by tipping backwards which makes this trailer user-friendly and functional.

Permissible total weight: 15000 [kg]
Load capacity * 12130 * [kg]
Trailer kerb weight: 2870 [kg]
Lenght without a container: 5940 [mm]
Lenght with the shortest/longest container: 6415/6782 [mm]
Width without a container: 2360 [mm]
Width with a container (min/max): 2360/2550 [mm]
Attachement dimensions of the container:
Hook lenght: (min/max): 1450/1570 [mm]
Rolls track: 1070 [mm]
Permissible dimensions of the container:
Lenght: (min/max): 4100 – 5050 [mm]
Width: max 2550 [mm]
Height: max 2000 [mm]
Height of the trailer (without/with) container: 2512/2898** [mm]
Container maximum tipping angle/oil requirement: 46/15 [˚/l]
Wheel track: 1830 [mm]
Suspension: tandem with trailing arm
Hitch-ring load: 2000 [kg]
Tires: 500/50-17
Construction speed: 40 [km/h]
Minimum tractor power requirement: 78/57.3 [hp/kW]

* with the weight of the container with recommended lengh, it might be neccesary to move the container backwards while preparing for tipping

** with container height 2000 mm

Standard equipment
Chassis frame: rectangular made of closed profiles
Drawbar: rigid to couple with lower hitch of the tractor (transport hitch, piton fix)
Drawbar towing hitch: rotary towing eye Ø50
Drawbar support: hydraulic straight leg
Tandem suspension equipemd in drum brakes 300×135
Braking system: double or single line pneumatic or hydraulic
Hydraulic blocking system of the trailing arm (suspension)
Crank handbrake
Rear bumper with manual setting in 2 positions (depends on length of the container)
Lighting system 12 V without side clearence lights
Chemically hardened painting materials , UV-resistant
Rear lamps with protective grating
Steel mudguards
Wheel chocks + racks
Hydraulic reloading system with manual switch lift / tipper
Chassis color red RAL3000 PRONAR

Additional equipment (optional):
Drawbar towing hitch: rigid with towing eye Ø40mm to couple with upper tractor hitch
Drawbar towing hitch: ball-type K80mm
Drawbar support: telescopic supporting leg with gear
Drawbar support: telescopic supporting leg with a pin
Plastic mudguards
Braking system: combined (pneumatic + hydraulic)
Trailer hook with automatic container lock and regulated hight in 2 positions
Side overrun protections
Commercial road lighting system including lateral outline lights
Tool box
Electric steering from tractor’s cabin of 3 functions: container lock, suspension blockage, container loading, container reloading)
Own hydraulic system with oil container, a pump, transmission and PTO shaft with electric steering of 3 functions from tractor’s cabin : suspension blockage, container loading, container reloading)
Braking system: hydraulic with mechanical safety valve
Braking system: hydraulic with electric safety valve and braking speed controller
Braking system: combined (double line pneumatic + hydraulic)
Braking system: combined (double line pneumatic + hydraulic with mechanical safety valve)
Braking system: combined (double line pneumatic + hydraulic with electric safety valve and braking speed controller)
Hydraulic container lock (for the tracotrs with min. 4 hydraulic output pairs)
Tires 520/50 – 17
Tires 385/55 R22.5 RE
Tires 385/55 R22.5
Spare wheel (separately) 500/50-17
Spare wheel (separately) 520/50-17
Spare wheel (separately) 385/55 R22.5
Spare wheel (separately) 385/55 R22.5 RE
Slow-moving vehicle triangle
Additional pair of hydraulic outlets located on the hook

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